Tours July-December 2023

As soon as we get the links from the organiser to participate will we publish separately all information about the already confirmed coming tours and activities in July-December2023 and 2024

FARA SABINA, July (Teatro Potlach)

LECCE, July (LAFLIS – Biblioteca Provinciale Nicola Bernardini)

+ Webinars, online talks and lectures in July

STENDIS, August (Transit Festival, Transit Next Forum)

BOGOTA, August (Teatro de la Memoria)

ROME,  August (ScenArte – Abraxa Teatro)

+ Webinars, online talks and lectures in August

POZNAN, September (Fundacja Orbis Tertius – Trzeci Teatr Lecha Raczaka)

HOLSTEBRO, September (Poetry on a Thursday)

AYLLON, September (Teatro Residui)

ATHENS, September (Fabrica Athens and Istituto Italiano di Cultura)

HOLSTEBRO, September (Holstebro Jazz Festival)

+ Webinars, online talks and lectures in September

LECCE, October (LAFLIS – Biblioteca Provinciale Nicola Bernardini)

HOLSTERBO, October (Poetry on a Thursday)

BOLOGNA, October, (Teatro Ridotto and Bologna University)

ALCATRAZ, October (Fondazione Fo Rame)

PONTIROLO, TREVIGLIO October (Arhat Teatro)

SAVONA, October (Genova University)

SEVILLA, October (TNT – Teatro Atalaya)

+ Webinars, online talks and lectures in October

MADRID, November (Teatro Residui)

ROME, November (Abraxa Teatro)

GUILIN & SHANGHAI, November (Guilin Festival, Dramatic Arts Shanghai)

HOLSTEBRO, November (Poetry on a Thursday)

BUENOS AIRES, November (Silvia Pritz, CATA)

SANTA FE, November (CATA – Centro de antropología teatral argentina)

+ Webinars, online talks and lectures in November

BRASILIA, December (A arte secreta do ator)

… we still working on other tours for 2023


We are working on a new Odin Teatret performance during 2024 in Holstebro.

Turs in 2024: Guanajuato, Mexico City, Milan, Rome, Paris, Bogotá, Naples, Porsgrund, Montevideo, Antwerp, Lecce, Fara Sabina, Vemb, Ostra Ancona, Santa Fe, Brasilia… Holstebro