Tours July-December 2023 & 2024

As soon as we get the links from the organiser to participate will we publish separately all information about the already confirmed coming tours and activities.


We are working on a new Odin Teatret performance during 2024 in Holstebro.

Turs in 2024: Guanajuato, Mexico City Confluencias Festival, Milan, Dublin, Rome, Bergamo, Naples, Porsgrund PIT Festival, Bucharest BABEL Festival, Montevideo, Antwerp, Mexico (Universidad Iberoamericana), Wuzhen Festival, Lecce, Bari, Fara Sabina, Vemb, Paris, Bogotá, Ostra Ancona, Santa Fe, Brasilia… Holstebro


2023 (July- December)

FARA SABINA, July (Teatro Potlach)

LECCE, July (LAFLIS – Biblioteca Provinciale Nicola Bernardini)

+ Webinars, online talks and lectures in July

STENDIS, August (Transit Festival, Transit Next Forum)

BOGOTA, August (Teatro de la Memoria)

ROME,  August (ScenArte – Abraxa Teatro)

+ Webinars, online talks and lectures in August

POZNAN, September (Fundacja Orbis Tertius – Trzeci Teatr Lecha Raczaka)

HOLSTEBRO, September (Poetry on a Thursday)

AYLLON, September (Teatro Residui)

ATHENS, September (Fabrica Athens and Istituto Italiano di Cultura)

HOLSTEBRO, September (Holstebro Jazz Festival)

+ Webinars, online talks and lectures in September

LECCE, October (LAFLIS – Biblioteca Provinciale Nicola Bernardini)

HOLSTERBO, October (Poetry on a Thursday)

BOLOGNA, October, (Teatro Ridotto and Bologna University)

ALCATRAZ, October (Fondazione Fo Rame)

PONTIROLO, TREVIGLIO October (Arhat Teatro)

SAVONA, October (Genova University)

SEVILLA, October (TNT – Teatro Atalaya)

+ Webinars, online talks and lectures in October

MADRID, November (Teatro Residui)

ROME, November (Abraxa Teatro)

HOLSTEBRO, November (Poetry on a Thursday)

BUENOS AIRES, November (Silvia Pritz, CATA)

SANTA FE, November (CATA – Centro de antropología teatral argentina)

+ Webinars, online talks and lectures in November

BRASILIA, December (A arte secreta do ator)