Tage Larsen

Tage Larsen was born in 1949 in Randers, Denmark. He started at Odin Teatret in 1971 as a “helping hand’ and soon was accepted as an actor. Tired of travelling theatre life, he took a break in 1974, but returned to the theatre a year later. He remained with Odin Teatret until 1987 when he started his own group, Yorick Teatret. In the ten years away from Odin Teatret, Tage also taught at the Nordisk Teater Skole in Aarhus and worked as a freelance actor with Teater La Balance and Cantabile 2. In 1997 he returned to Odin Teatret to be part of the performance Mythos. He still acts and directs performances outside Odin Teatret and gives workshops for actors all over the world. He has regularly created and directed the main local performance during Holstebro Festuge (Festive Week) and has directed Madame Bovary-Downtown with Anna Lica, Yorick (Denmark); Ali og den forunderlige Ånd with emigrants and refugees (Denmark); The Starry Messenger with Donald Kitt (Canada); Lady SwettenhamOthello and Puteri Saadong with Sabera Shaik of Masakini Theatre Company (Malaysia); Sancho Panza e non Chisciotte with Mario Barzaghi of Teatro Dell’Albero (Italy); Bim, Bum, Bang with Elena Vanni (Italy); Figaro with Federico Vivaldi (Italy). 

My Father’s House
The Book of Dances
Presenze e Figure
Come! And the Day will be Ours
The Million
Breacht’s Ashes
The Gospel According to Oxyrhincus
Inside the Skeleton of the Whale
Ode to Progess (1997-2016)
Great Cities under the Moon
Andersen’s Dream
Don Giovanni all’Inferno
The Chronic Life

Theatrum Mundi performances
The Marriage of Medea

Performance Demonstrations
Text, Action, Relations
The Whispering Winds in Theatre and Dance

Performances directed by Tage Larsen for other companies
Madame Bovary (with Anna Lica, Yorick Teatret, Denmark)
Ali og den forunderlige ånd (with emigrants and refugees, Denmark)
The Starry Messenger (with Donald Kitt, Canada)
Lady Swettenham (with Sabera Shaik, Masakini Theatre Company, Malaysia)
Sancho Panza e non Chisciotte (with Mario Barzaghi, Teatro Dell’Albero, Italy)
Othello (with Masakini Theatre Company and Jabatan Kebudayaan Dan Kesenian Negara, Malaysia)
Puteri Saadong (with Masakini Theatre Company, Malaysia)
Insomnia (with Riotous Company, UK)
Step by Step by Step – Perfomance Demonstration with Mia Theil Have (Riotous Company, UK)
Scherzo for Sticks and Piano (Riotous Company, UK)