Ulrik Skeel

Ulrik Skeel is a poet, actor and producer. He has been working at Odin Teatret since 1969, first as an actor and then in the administration. As an actor he participated in My Father’s House, Ashes of Brecht, The Million, Anabasis. In 1985 he took responsibilities in the cultural life of Holstebro collaborating with different cultural and social institutions for permanent alliances, resulting in Holstebro Festuge. Since 2005, he has organised with Frans Winther Poesi på en torsdag, poetry evenings held once a month in Holstebro. Ulrik Skeel gives readings of his own poetry. For several years he arranged jazz concerts in Holstebro and is now co-organizing the annual jazz festival Jazz Nights. Since 2022, Ulrik is performing in The Deaf Man’s House and working for Odin Teatret’s new ensemble production Stories of Clouds, both directed by Eugenio Barba.   

Current performance

The Deaf Man’s House