The Echo of Silence

WORKSHOP on vocal dramaturgy for actors and singers, conducted by Julia Varley.

The workshop deals with the unity of the physical and vocal impulse, the connection between the singing and speaking voice, and the relationship between text and action. The participants will work individually and in chorus to achieve the characteristic generosity of the voice at the moment when it is offered to the surrounding space.

For: 16 participants

A working space with good acoustics; the participants should know a text (poetry or prose, about half a page) and a song by heart, on the theme of silence.

The workshop can be conducted in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish and French.

How to Organise a Workshop in Denmark or Abroad

If you are interested in having this workshop for 3 or 5 days at your theatre, conservatory, theatre school, university, or other pedagogic activity please contact
Julia Varley ( or Odin Teatret ( 
by email and ask for available periods.

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