The Glacier’s Whisper

WORKSHOP on the actor’s dramaturgy, conducted by Julia Varley.

Dramaturgy in actor’s work starts from the creation of personal material, by making a first simple montage of a sequence of actions. Then, at a more complex level, the actions of every single actor are put into relation with other actors, texts, the space, props and costumes, until the moment when meanings start to appear for the spectator. The workshop concentrates on the first phases of development of the actor’s dramaturgy keeping in view the final horizon of the performance. The workshop aims at giving indications for personal paths to follow during the process, which are the basis for possible results, by creating physical and vocal scores that are then assembled filling the space with characters and humanity, people and artifacts.

For: 16 participants

A working space with good acoustics; the participants should know a text (poetry or prose, about half a page) and a song by heart, on the theme of silence.

The workshop can be conducted in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish and French.

How to Organise a Workshop in Denmark or Abroad

If you are interested in having this workshop for 3 or 5 days at your theatre, conservatory, theatre school, university, or other pedagogic activity please contact

Julia Varley ( or
Odin Teatret (

by email and ask for available periods.

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