The Presence of a Performer

WORKSHOP for actors and musicians, who work in theatre, conducted by Jan Ferslev.

The workshop concentrates on how to control the body and the voice. Through simple exercises, making physical and vocal actions, the participants learn how to focus on details in each small fragment of their score. These, put together in a fixed sequence, create the basis for stage presence.

How to Organise a Workshop in Denmark or Abroad

If you are interested in having this workshop for 3 or 5 days at your theatre, conservatory, theatre school, university, or other pedagogic activity please contact Jan Ferslev ( or Odin Teatret ( by email and ask for available periods.

For: 15 participants and 4 observers

Participants should bring the musical instrument they play and learn a text by heart. The room should be a minimum 60 square metres.

The workshop can be conducted in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Danish. For other languages a translator is needed.


Photos: Maciej Zakrzewski

Photos: Maciej Zakrzewski