Thinking in Actions

MASTERCLASS conducted by Eugenio Barba and Julia Varley.

The masterclass will deal with the different levels of organisation in a theatre performance, and the elementary aspects of theatre anthropology among which:

  • daily and extra daily techniques
  • movement/action
  • static/dynamic immobility
  • energy in space and energy in time
  • montage technique
  • dramaturgy of the director
  • dramaturgy of the actor
  • the director’s perception and the spectator’s perception 

Number of participants to be decided with the Organiser.


List with the names of the participants and short résumé of their CV in two copies to be delivered the day before the masterclass.

Participants must be made aware that late arrivals will not be admitted.

The room must be clean and provide enough space for the participants to be able to move freely, preferably with a wooden floor and no mirrors.

Chairs in a circle for all participants as well as Eugenio Barba and Julia Varley.

The masterclass can be conducted in Danish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. For other languages it is necessary for the Organiser to arrange the assistance of a translator.

How to Organise a Masterclass in Denmark or Abroad

If you are interested in having this masterclass at your theatre, conservatory, theatre school, university, or other pedagogic activity please contact Julia Varley ( or Odin Teatret ( by email and ask for available periods.

Eugenio Barba & Julia Varley: Thinking in Actions

Arte Secreta do Ator 2015 - 03 Cenas e Direcao - Foto Sartoryi-232.JPG
Arte Secreta do Ator 2015 - 03 Cenas e Direcao - Foto Sartoryi-233.JPG
Arte Secreta do Ator 2015 - 03 Cenas e Direcao - Foto Sartoryi-234.JPG
Arte Secreta do Ator 2015 - 04 Varanda - Foto Sartoryi-024.JPG