Text, Action, Relation

Using an excerpt from Shakespeare’s Othello Tage Larsen and Julia Varley work on a dialogue between Othello and Iago in front of the public presenting a process based on the creation and elaboration of physical and vocal actions. The capacity of creating physical and vocal scores is the result of years of training and productions with Odin Teatret. Shakespeare’s text is said in English, while the explanations are in the language of the spectators. Photocopies of the excerpt can be provided in English, French, Italian and Spanish.

The impulse for this demonstration came from Tage’s passion for Shakespeare and the need to find working techniques that bridge the physical vocabulary of Odin Teatret with written text.

The two actors, through improvisation and composition, develop a dynamic physical score that becomes the foundation for their encounter when they incorporate the text. They weed and meld the physical material so that the score of actions does not interfere with the sense of the scene itself, but contributes to the reading, poetry and flow of the text.


Actors: Tage Larsen and Julia Varley

Duration: 90 min. (without a break)

First performed in 2000.