Webinar on Theatre Anthropology with Eugenio Barba
Lesson 10: Organic Dramaturgy – Artificiality and Transparency 
15th November 2023, 18:00 – 6 pm (local time in Rome)


The webinar is in Spanish with simultaneous translation into English and Italian.

Eugenio Barba concludes the series of ten films on Theatre Anthropology by saying: “A participant today greeted me at breakfast saying Eugenio, I had a dream.

I dreamed that somebody was asking me, but why have you gone to ISTA? And then, she said, I showed this stage where all demonstrations are taking place, and there was a body lying, and this body was transparent.

This transparent body got up and began to march towards me and embraced me and became one part of me. This is what happened with me when I have seen a performance, when the performer has left the stage, his transparent body walks towards me, and literally takes possession of me, of my thoughts, of my experience.

With me are for instance the transparent body of Jacek Wojszczerowicz, the extraordinary Polish actor,

And the transparent body of many other European performers I have seen and also the transparent body of Balinese theatre.” Then I Made Djimat dances a Balinese Baris warrior dance.

Before the webinar you can see the film LESSON 10 at and write your questions to Eugenio Barba and Julia Varley.